Creating a Solid Brand for Your Company Using Printed Shadenet


Creating a solid brand for your company should be one the primary and fundamental objectives of business owner or marketing department. Having a recognizable brand is extremely important for getting and keeping customers. Printed shade cloth is a great cost effective way to achieve brand recognition, especially in SA and more especially in summer, when shade cloth is bountiful.

When we talk about big companies like Apple and Coca Cola, we call them brands (that’s consumers, not just business people). When we see their logo we immediately associate the product or service we are coming into contact with, with the strength of the brand. Being a well known brand or even just known, creates sense of trust between consumer and company, because they are already informed on what you do – and people would 9 times out of 10 go with what they know.shadenet suppliers

Printed Shadenet Solutions offer a wide range of shade cloth branding products as well as excellent service and two decades worth of experience. Their shade cloth solutions are highly customisable with regards to density, colour and logo design, giving you a product that is suitable for any location.

Another massive plus when it comes to using printed shade cloth for advertising is that it is reusable, and can even last for years. Made from HDPE (high density polyethylene) their cloth is rot proof and does not fade in direct sunlight. The quality of the substrate is unmatched in the shade cloth industry and they deliver anywhere in South Africa.

If you wish to learn more about the exciting, cost effective world of shade cloth branding solutions then visit the Printed Shadenet Solutions website.

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